At Cart World,  we understand the needs of our commercial and industrial customers. From light-duty utility vehicles to heavy-duty 4x4s and multi-person transports, we offer the widest range of vehicle options in the market, backed by an industry-best 2-year warranty.

With over 50 years of experience in producing small vehicles, Club Car has built a reputation for creating the best, longest lasting utility and transportation vehicles in the world. Our goal is simple: engineer a rugged design, give it the style and comfort you and your customers want, and exceed your expectations for innovation, efficiency and reliability.

As the largest manufacturer of Electric Vehicles in the world, Club Car provides the energy-efficient transportation solutions you desire.

Whether you need to haul cargo or tools for work, carry guests across a campus, travel on roads*, or traverse rough terrain to get a job done, a Club Car vehicle is the bottom-line choice for you.

Club Car offers Low-Speed Vehicle (LSV) models that meet US government regulations and are approved for travel on roads with posted speed limits of 35 mph or less in most states. Click here to find out more.